The Iko is a highly customizable wood-framed structure that can be installed nearly anywhere. An icosahedron (iko for short) that has been leveled to stand on the ground. They pop into nearly any location, travel well, and pack a punch. Create uniquely framed spaces for a lounge, a DJ, a bar, wedding ceremony, or tent. The Ikos make a perfect shelter for pop-up glamping or any other creative ideas you may have. Available for events, weddings, festivals, glamping, retreats, and endless uses. Ideal in nearly any location, easily customizable, and loves to travel. Based in California, so far they have traveled as far as Todos Santos, BCS.   

We are growing, check with us for quantities and custom orders. Follow along at @ikospace on instagram for inspiration.

Questions and inquiries? Contact ashley@ashleysmithevents.com