All About White

Throwing tradition out the window at weddings seems to be on the rise. I'm okay with that! I am all about creating a wedding that is as unique as the couple. However, there is something about white at weddings that I still love. I rarely get to do "white weddings". Which is totally okay. However, showcasing how to use white at a wedding is still fun. Maybe your dress doesn't have to be white, or you dislike the look of white linens, or maybe you do like white but don't know how or where to use it. I am happy to share what I think about white tied into a wedding look. I think that white, in it's traditional sense, is pure. It is also really great for brightening up a space and making it pop. When used in the right setting (like this one), white is the stand out guy, the really bright and appealing part of the whole concept. I like working with white elements and I like to add contrast like a farm table or dark wood. However, I also don't like too much contrast or a look that appears harsh. Adding neutrals in with the white gave it a little more depth and softened the contrast of the dark table top. I had a ton of fun creating this tabletop.